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Want To Plan, Structure & Create Your First Digital Course In Under 7 Days?

WARNING: The 10-Day Mission To Movement Course Creation ChalIenge Is Designed To Get You Results. Get Ready For IMPACT!

The CCC is an Intentionally-Small, Very Private, Closed-Door 10-Day Virtual Event, aimed to help you plan, structure and create your digital course.

Read This Before Going ANY further:

A Message From Hui Hui

I'll keep this simple.

Many of us spent $997 on Project Next, because it is our hearts' desire to create an online course, or to launch an online business that will give us the freedom and lifestyle for ourselves and our families.


It's been 7 months since the start of the program. A fraction of achievers have already launched their product, and gotten sales.

But you have not, and are still stuck... I totally understand...

Since June last year (2022), I have been coaching my tribe, getting them accountable, answering Q&As and hot seats every week.

I know every reason there is. Life gets in the way. Distractions, fears, doubts taunt us whenever we start working on it. 

"Who will want to buy my product?"
"I'm not a doctor / multi-millionaire / expert..."
"I need to finish all 6 modules / I need to listen to the videos again!"

And it's okay. Let's put that all BEHIND US.

You now know you need to take action. You want to do this. Get your course up ASAP.

If yes, this 3-day immersion event is for you. Let's DO IT TOGETHER!

It Will Be Intense. You Need To Think.

But You Won't Be Doing It Alone.

Together, we cross the finish line.

What We Will Do

Full Focus Intensive Implementation

We begin with the end in mind. By the end of this Implementation Weekend, you're going to walk away with a course ready to upload and pre-sell on
* Note: Your course's full delivery may be not ready, and it's okay. We can pre-sell the course first.

Intensive 6-Hour Implementation Days x 3

It will be intense. Each day you will set aside 6 hours and not get distracted. So block out the time, if you have kids, do make arrangements. Give yourself permission for the time and space to focus. In the end, you will be amazed at your own output, simply by immersing yourself in the right environment.

Frameworks, Templates & Outlines

I will share with you the frameworks and templates to create your headline, description, course outline. Just follow the templates and write them according to your niche.

Create Your Visual Assets

How do 7-figure entrepreneurs create their sales videos? In this segment we will break down the steps to creating your first sales video, as well as thumbnail for your course, so that you can direct people to watch your sales video and let the video do the heavy lifting for you.

Pre-Training If You Are Uncertain About Your Niche

Don't have your niche yet? Not sure what kind of course to create? No worries! We've got you covered with this live pre-training. I will walk you through the steps to discover your area of expertise (even if you don't think you have one!), and in this 90-minute pre-training, we'll help you decide on the course that you will create during the intensive.

Breakout Sessions & Community Support

We will go into breakout rooms to discuss your ideas and get feedback on your work. And then get back right back to work. If you think it's difficult for you to push ahead alone, this supportive & loving community will give you the impetus to do it together. 

Warning: Implementation Weekend Intensive is for those who have a niche or at least have an idea/couple of ideas what their niche could be. If you have not, after your registration, PLS INFORM US SO THAT WE WILL WORK WITH YOU before the Intensive to narrow your niche first.

I'll Be Giving You The Templates & Frameworks that I Spent $10,000 On.

All for Just A Small Sum of $297.
Why? Because this is part of my Mission To Movement.
To help 1,000 passionate individuals launch their courses

Past participants all agree that the value of this Intensive is actually worth $997.

If You Did This On Your Own... You'd Have To:

  • Figure out the contents alone: We have seen people take months, or years (think KBB 1.0) to complete the course.
  • If you're proactive, wait for answers from the SER group if you are stuck: We have answered close to 100 of questions from niche, to messaging, to traffic, in our tribe, FB groups, and messenger chats. Plus, during the Intensive, the community can give you immediate feedback.
  • Work out your Pricing and Value Ladder alone: We have researched ("funnel hacked") many niches and can help you figure out your value ladder, so that you don't have cram everything into one "MONSTER" course!
  • Tame Your Inner Critic & Doubts By Yourself Or Let Procrastination Keep You Stuck: During the intensive, we bet you won't have time to overthink ;-) That momentum alone is PRICELESS!

Where Will This Be Held?

Virtual Zoom Event

The zoom link will be sent to you after your application is approved.

Doing this on your own will take you weeks (or months).  

Or... you can come to the private "Implementation Weekend Intensive", for the low fee of just $297 (70% off Usual Price $997) Considering how much time, effort and mental stress having your digital product DONE is going to save you... 

Ready To Start Your Implementation Weekend Intensive?

Just $297 (U.P. $997) to join the intensive.

Warning: Implementation Weekend Intensive is for those in Project Next who have found their DOT or have an idea what their niche is. If you have not, after your registration, PLS INFORM US SO THAT WE WILL WORK WITH YOU before the Intensive to narrow your DOT first.


This Challenge Is For You If You Are A New, Or Going To Start To Be A:

This challenge is NOT for people who:

❌ Want the magic pill, the shortcut to business success without doing the hard work.

❌ Don't want change or not committed to showing up for themselves, who believe that their dreams don't matter



Is an expert on inner world principles that she practiced relentlessly on herself. Using these principles, she built a retail business from zero to 6-figures in under 3 years and has helped more than 30,000 customers in different countries in Asia over the last 11 years. As a former Times Publishing Editor, Hui Hui has published 100+ Books. 

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Warning: Implementation Weekend Intensive is for those in Project Next who have found their DOT or have an idea what their niche is. If you have not, after your registration, PLS INFORM US SO THAT WE WILL WORK WITH YOU before the Intensive to narrow your DOT first.

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